The Word and the Light: Part 1

I’ve waited a whole year to say this again…

Merry Christmas!

Now that Thanksgiving is behind us and December is beginning, it is time to focus our attention on the celebration of Christ’s incarnation and gift of life and light to a world full of death and darkness. Christmas is about hope and new beginnings; it’s a time to remember that beautiful, silent night when God himself laid gurgling in a manger. The world is broken and dark; we are constantly reminded that creation is fallen and ruled by evil. But Christmas is the season to be reminded of the restoration and light that Jesus brought when he came to live on this earth. Christmas is all about the light that shines in the darkness.

The traditional Christian celebration of Advent is about taking time to remember not only the good news of Christ’s birth, but also the season of waiting that preceded it. The people who walked in darkness, the chosen ones of God, waited and hoped for the coming Messiah for hundreds of years. The true beauty of Christmas can only be felt when it is experienced from this same perspective. The birth of Christ was the answer to the prayers of generations and the fulfillment of the promises of God from the beginning of time. It came at a time when the world felt just as hopeless as it does today. For us, Christmas ought to be a reminder that there is still a great hope even in this world of heartbreak and tragedy.

In order to help us all to focus on what matters this Advent season, I’m going to be releasing a series of poems. It is actually all one poem, entitled “The Word and the Light.” I wrote it last year, one stanza on each Sunday of Advent. This year, I will be posting one stanza each Sunday of Advent, and the final stanza on Christmas Eve. It’s nothing magnifent or extravagant. It’s simply the reflections of my heart on the joy and meaning of Christmas. I pray only that it may help you to experience the season of Advent in a more authentic way this Christmas.

The Word And The Light: Silence

The earth is asleep.
Frostbite nips at frigid souls;
Deep darkness has descended.
Stifling silence screams at the stars;
The Word has not yet spoken.

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