In the Mirror

Looking in the mirror;
Who’s this man I see?
Where’s the boy I thought I knew,
The child I thought was me?

Whose hand is this,
Stretched out toward me,
From on the other side?
Whose face is gazing back at me
With older, wiser eyes?

Is this the man that I’ve become,
Or who I’ll one day be?
Is this the grown-up deep inside,
The wiser part of me?

It cannot be, for I am sure,
That I have not grown up.
This man I see cannot be me,
For I am yet a pup.

Yet my old bed is getting small;
My feet don’t fit my socks.
The toys I played with every day,
Now dwell within a box.

I vowed that I would not grow up,
And by that vow I stand.
But still I can’t deny, this man
I see is who I am.

Deep inside my heart remains
A child, fierce and free;
But now I am a man as well,
And this man is who I’ll be.


“In the Mirror”
By Benjamin Vincent

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