One morning in late September as the sun began to rise
And its orangey light was bleeding between the trees
I lifted up my drowsy head from the soft embrace of my downy bed
And felt the weight of this world cloud my eyes
My heart was tired and heavy
My soul was weary and worn
Yet I dragged myself from where I lay
To go through the motions once more
Another day like all the rest from dawn ‘til darkness fell,
Yet I threw myself into its dreary flow.
My life, once such a joyful song, an epic tale of right and wrong,
Now trapped without a story left to tell.
I dashed my hopes against the wall,
I drowned my dreams each day.
The merry fantasies of youth
Now by reality slain
Day by day I lived this way, still trapped inside my skin,
And I prayed that there was something I had missed.
It was that September morning when I heard the voices calling,
The deeper waters beckoning me in
At first I just ignored it,
Jammed my fingers in my ears
But soon my broken, empty soul
Broke down in childlike tears
Why did I toil day by day for such an empty prize?
Was there any worth to what I sought to gain?
Like the sea that strives and strains against the shoreline every day
I fought so hard while chasing only lies.
So I slung my pack onto my back
And left my hearth behind.
I knew not where I meant to go,
Nor what I thought I’d find
I journeyed deep into the untamed wilds of the forest,
Where golden light was filtered through the leaves.
And there within I found at last a place of beauty unsurpassed,
A place of nature’s glory at its best.
The sweet chorus of birdsong,
The laughter of the brook;
I beheld the fingerprint of God
In every place I looked.
A rainbow graced the sky above; clear sunlight had followed the rain.
An eagle soared across the diamond sky.
And as I stood in the midst of it all, the wood, the wind, the waterfall,
I felt my Father cleanse me of my pain.
For years I strove in my own strength
Seeking only vain reward
That day, I learned that peace is found
In the presence of the Lord.
I laid my burden down that day, at the foot of that rugged cross
And felt my Father wipe away my tears.
My cursed toil was finally blessed on the day I learned to rest
In the arms of the one who gave it all for us.
by Benjamin Vincent

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