Beautiful Words: A Little Poetry

Words can be really beautiful things.

As a writer and speaker, I’ve always been fascinated with words. The power they carry, the meaning behind simple symbols on a page. Words can build kingdoms, topple empires, and change hearts. Some words are harsh and cacophonous; others are soft and melodic. Recently I’ve discovered a love for poetry. Though I primarily write in prose, I’ve come to love the beauty of poetry and its ability to convey abstract ideas in abstract ways. Some concepts can’t be expressed in a linear way. Some things need to be felt, not seen or heard. Poetry has the power to express those feelings through words. My primary passions in life are music and writing, and poetry is essentially musical writing; it is the fusion of my life’s greatest passions.

Though I’m not particularly good at it, I’ve been attempting to craft some poetry of my own recently. Some of the ideas I’ve written about on this site- love, truth, passion, energy, life, death, resurrection, and more- can be best expressed through poetry. I thought I’d share a little poetry that I believe expresses some of these ideas well.

A poem about memories.
Memories are stars, shining distant and unreachable;
Brilliantly bright, undying light.
Together drawing pictures, etching stories in the dark,
Weaving tales of the past into the heart.
New stars ever being birthed in the night, pricks of light in gloom,
Filling up the void of the soul.
Stars of memory eternally illuminating the sky of the heart;
Ever cherished, never touched.
My path is aglow with the starlight of my past.
One day I will capture the stars,
Hold them close, never let them go.
My stars are who I am.

“Beads of Time”
A poem about time.

Shining silver droplets streaming into the abyss;
Tears tumbling from the face of eternity.
Flood of fond memories, blitz of bitter past;
Rumbling rapids roaring ever on.
Beads of time trailing into infinitude;
Unstoppable descent of no return.
Single skiff sailing down the sterling stream
Powerless against the outpouring of aeons.
Captain of my coracle, at the mercy of the foam;
Sailing through frigid mists of ages.
Thundering falls of Time await my plunge.
“Droplets of Meaning”

A poem about words.

   Droplets of meaning in a sea of void;
Sparks of reality illuminating a dark canvas.
       A single light shatters darkness;
     A single word roars above silence.
   All is but a flood of words,
A tapestry of story woven by threads of thought;
       Ideas that echo through reality,
     Phenomena constructed by expression.

“Castles Fall”
A poem about worry.

Bound in chains against the wall,
Chains of worry crushing life;
Stones erode and castles fall.
Is it worth it after all?
Anxiety is like a knife,
Bound in chains against the wall.
Fears that cut us down so small
Bring us only pain and strife;
Stones erode and castles fall.
Sinking like a cannonball,
Hopelessness is worry’s wife,
Bound in chains against the wall.
Time shall march and never stall,
Death will play its drum and fife;
Stones erode and castles fall.
Worry is our great downfall
As we await the afterlife;
Bound in chains against the wall,
Stones erode and castles fall.

A poem about passions.

Ebbing like the tide,
Flowing like the breeze,
Yet still a mortal foe
To the wind and to the sea.
The serpent’s breath, the lion’s mane,
A rav’nous beast, the darkness-bane.
To some the light that shatters night,
The heat that warms the soul.
To others red-eyed monsters prowl
And death hides in the coals.
Passion is an empty thing;
It has no right or wrong.
The flames that scar the hand of one
May warm another’s home.
We hold that fire in our hearts,
For good or ill to use.
And every day our path is forged
By which of these we choose.

Hopefully it isn’t all terrible. I believe poetry can express raw emotion, and these are just my attempts at translating feelings and ideas into words on a page. Perhaps reading these words can inspire meaningful emotions and ideas in you as well.

Benjamin Vincent

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