Love: The Pillar of Christianity- Conclusion

        Well folks, this is it. The last post in my series about love. I hope that it’s been impacting to your lives. Sorry for the long gap between posts- I’ve been on a mission trip in Honduras since the 31st of March. I’ll be posting some things about that pretty soon.

        In this last post in the series, I want to do a quick overview of what we’ve looked at regarding love and how it should all converge and play out in our daily lives. We’ve looked at many different facets of loving God and sharing His love with others, and there are many more we won’t even go into. Only by following each individual thread to the source- the spool of thread, as it were- can we really live out God’s love to the fullest.

        Firstly, we looked at what love really is from a Christian perspective, and why it matters. Ultimately, God is Love, and Love is simply the ideal fulfillment of the commandments, because it is in essence doing to others not only what you would have them do to you, but what God would do for you, and has done for you. Secondly, we saw that God pours His love into our lives to be shared in two main ways; with God Himself, and with the people we interact with. Next, we looked at the core value of our unique partnership with God, and how that impacts our love. We saw why relationships are the fabric that Christianity is woven from, and why it’s so important to maintain healthy relationships with God and people.

        We then went into more detail regarding the first of the two primary ways we are to share God’s love; by sending it back to Him. We saw why loving God, just as He loves us, is an integral part of fulfilling our calling as Children of God. We looked at how we can exercise love through the “Bullet-Point Commandments,” and why it’s important that we not let the simple commands slip under our radar. We explored the imperative nature of sharing God’s love with other people in simple ways every day with “bank shots.” We talked about why it’s so vital that we make time for God in our busy schedules, and tried to put that into the proper perspective. And finally, we recognized the dangers of putting things before God in our lives, whether the things be good or bad in and of themselves.

        This sounds like a lot, and sometimes we look at all these issues individually and fail to see the connection between them. But when we find their ultimate convergence point- love- then we find that ultimately, there’s only one command- Love. On the other hand, it’s easy to see love as an abstract goal, something we chase after only to find that it cannot be grasped. But by following its individual strands, we find that love really does manifest itself in concrete ways that can be lived out daily.

        I hope this makes sense. I pray that by reading these posts, you’ve come to look at love a little bit differently. I pray that the Lord would use my words to impress upon your heart the imperative truths about love. Always keep these in mind, and never forget that Love truly is the Pillar of Christianity.

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