Love: The Pillar of Christianity- Part Two- The Power of the Partnership

Our responsibility as Christians is huge. But we don’t have to feel afraid of the task. As Christians, we don’t just inherit a responsibility. With great responsibility comes great power. God Himself, the Holy Spirit promised to us by Christ, lives within us. And that is greater than any superpower. Because God doesn’t just give us His love and tell us to use it- He’s with us every step of the way, guiding us, showing us how to love and loving us as His children all the way. We never have to be alone. God promises us that He will never leave us. As we follow Christ, going into the world to spread God’s love through His gospel and through service to His people, God goes with us. He’s always helping us.

            But even though God will never leave us, we can still leave God. And so often, whether we intend to or not, we do. We go off without Him. We think that we can just put Got in a box and leave Him home for a while, while we go off and do something that doesn’t honor Him.

            However, though we leave God, He never leaves us- He will come after us. And though we push Him off over and over, His love is always more powerful, and He will draw us back. So don’t put God in a box- that’s not how we were meant to live. He didn’t create us to live apart from Him. He created us to live in an intimate partnership with Him.

            This partnership is an incredible gift of God, designed by Him in a way unlike any other partnership. You see, it’s not God helping us to serve Him. And it’s not us helping God to minister to people. Rather, God lives in us, and we live in Him- not just one or the other. As we serve Him, God doesn’t just step back and watch, giving advice here and there. And He doesn’t control us like robots- He simply guides us. We have the free will to choose whether or not we will follow His guidance. If we don’t, He won’t love us any less- but we will not be effective soldiers of the King. However, if we follow His guidance, then we will be completely connected with God. Have you ever, during worship at church, or a sermon that really touched you, or while praying at home or with others, felt so completely in touch with God that you could almost feel Him wrapping His arms around you? That is how we are meant to live. And if we stay with God, following His guidance and confiding in Him all that we do, say and think, then He will use us.

            God will use everything we do for His and our good, whether we let Him or not. But if God has to take our bad choices and, using His great power, make them beneficial to His kingdom in some way, do you think it will be nearly as effective as it would be if He was taking our utmost, our greatest acts in service to Him, and using them to further His purposes? Not even close! So rather than serve half-heartedly or not at all, why not come completely into fellowship with God and go all-out for Him?

            Because that’s a lot easier said than done, isn’t it? No matter how hard we try, we almost always get dragged right back down into the rat race. We’ll have our “spiritual highs,” times that we feel completely in tune to God and we resolve to completely change how we act- but when we go back to our “normal” lives, we get sucked right back in and ignore or forget all that we had vowed to change.

            DON’T LET THAT HAPPEN AGAIN!!! When we resolve to finish some project around the house, sometimes it takes us a long time to get around to doing it. Why is that? Because we lack the motivation. But when we find that motivation, we get fired up, and we go for it. GO FOR IT FOR GOD!!! Don’t put Him back in His little box on the top shelf in the corner- He doesn’t fit in a box! He’s the God of the universe! He created all things! He created YOU! He loves you with a love we can’t even comprehend! And all He asks of you is to serve Him with your earthly life! This is a huge part of truly loving God- learning to stay completely connected with Him at all times. It’s a powerful partnership and a tender, loving relationship we have with God, and we need to treat it that way.

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